Every road-going Porsche from the 356 up to today’s modern 911 can trace its roots to a race car that came before it.

For over 100 years Porsche has redefined what a sports car is capable of; and this is your opportunity to experience why the brand’s tagline is “there is no substitute.”

This year, our new Track Committee was formed to identify, promote and coordinate driver education (DE) and other motorsport opportunities for our region and to increase participation in these events so that our members may fully enjoy the Porsche driving experience and camaraderie that comes with PCA membership.

If you have never experienced driving your Porsche on a track or in an autocross, you’re really missing something special. As a recent first-timer on a track last year, I can attest it is a thrilling experience and one that will leave you thirsting for more. These events require no previous experience and we believe it is the most fun you will ever have with your Porsche. And, it will even make you a better driver on the street!

Our intent this year will be to identify several Driver Education and Autocross events we can participate in as a group. We will be available to answer questions and provide help to all those interested. Watch for future emails about our preferred events and check the AR calendar.

Whether you interested in experiencing the full capabilities of your Porsche or you’re just looking to improve your driving skill, please join us in celebrating the performance heritage of Porsche by driving them where they were designed to be driven: on the track.

Please do two things now:

  1. Let us know your interest in participating by sending an email to: track@aprpca.com.
  2. Check out the track section of our website.

David WellsDavid Wells
Track Chair, Appalachian Region – PCA