We received a request from David Mathews, a free-lance writer, who is researching a 1985 M491-optioned (wide body - turbo look) 911 Coupe in Chiffon White with Green leather interior for an upcoming Panorama article. The current owner is Hank Weil, President of the Shenandoah Region. David is requesting our help with vehicle history.

David's email read in part:

The delivering dealer of this car was Autohaus of Asheville. We have backtracked through records trying to find who the first owner, the original owner of this car was. The dealer could not provide specific info. The earliest owner with whom we spoke said he bought it “from a guy in North Carolina.”

What I am asking is this: does anyone in your region know sales management or sale consultants who worked at the dealership in that mid-80 time period? That dealership employee may remember the car. It would have been memorable…$20k in options. Paint to sample, etc. Or, if an Appalachian Region member was in fact the owner or knew the owner. I’d like to speak with that person.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

If you can provide any insight into this vehicle or dealership information of any kind, Please respond by emailing information to me: president@aprpca.org or you may contact David directly: davidmathews9766@gmail.com.

Peter GrahamThank you for your time and attention to this request,