VA Car ShowOn a brisk November 2, 33 Appalachian members showed their Porsches at the annual Charles George VA Medical Center Car and Bike Show.

This is a no-holds-barred event; if it has wheels and can be driven, towed, or trailered to the property, you can put it on display, and over 300 motor enthusiasts did so.

As usual, the region was given it own area, right next to the event tents and refreshment stands. The free hot coffee and chocolate was especially welcome in the early, cold hours. The event supports the volunteers at the hospital, and we are pleased for an opportunity to contribute. In addition to bringing 33 cars (a record for us), the Region donated $250.

If you haven’t attended this event, resolve to do so next year. You can probably find your first car there, most likely modified, and if you bring your Porsche, you’ll have a prime parking spot.

You can pause the slide show by placing the cursor on or below the photo.

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