Memorial Day Weekend provided Appalachian Region with unbelievable weather for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

The Parkway is one of the best driving roads in the country for twists, turns and views and it didn’t let us down.

Sometimes it takes an out of town guest to enjoy the treats in our own backyard and this was the case with this drive.  Linda Goodman, the Editor for “From the Regions” had contacted the Board earlier in the year saying she was going to be in town and did the region have anything planned.

Since we are always eager to share our beautiful scenery, great town and fabulous driving roads we set up a drive to introduce her to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The tour was planned to share some of the great highlights: the view at Pisgah Inn, a stop at Graveyard Fields for a hike to the Second Falls and a final overlook stop at Devil’s Courthouse.

Surprisingly for being a holiday weekend, we had a great response. We put two drive tours together for 20 cars, plus several that joined us for lunch.  50 people participated in this throwback “tourist drive” of the Parkway.

Due to Parkway driving regulations we split into two tours spaced to meet the rules.  Tour 1 made all their stops and got a short hike in at Graveyard Fields. Some found what was described as an easy half-mile hike to be a little more challenging with all the steps up, but the beautiful site of the waterfall hopefully made it all worthwhile. 

Unfortunately Tour Group 2 being just a little bit later and following the nine Porsches of Group 1, faced parking problems and only had the one stop at the Pisgah Inn.  Tour Group Leader 2, yours truly, tried to improvise with a stop at the Sunburst National Park but got caught on a road to nowhere. Thankfully everyone was good-natured about it. 

Tour Group 2 headed to Lake Logan to be the first group to park at this beautiful venue on a grassy Concours-type setting with a beautiful blue-sky mountain backdrop.

Lunch was a terrific BBQ buffet that introduced Linda and her partner Eric to NC BBQ that is quite different than their Connecticut version.  Their first drive on the Parkway was a hit that provided them with an understanding of why we like to think “We have the best driving roads in the country.”

Upcoming June events:

  1. June 8 – Breakfast Ramble to Rendevu in Cashiers and then after breakfast drive on to Highlands to enjoy the Highlands Motoring Festival.  Sign up for breakfast on the APR web site:
  2. June 22 – New member picnic at the Ramble picnic grounds in Asheville.  This is one of the club’s premier events with over 100 in attendance with cars on the lawn that is a sight to see.  New members don’t want to miss this and current members don’t either. There is no better way to introduce people to the club.  Watch for the announcement to sign-up.

See you in Highlands!

Jim MooreJim Moore
Appalachian Region Events Chair





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