Luft WasserA mile of Porsches stretched the roads of Brevard for the second annual Luft Wasser Porsche celebration that featured mountain drives, a Parade of Porsches into town and a Main Street display while members enjoyed eating, talking and shopping.

182 Porsches registered for the event, almost double from the inaugural event. We had160 registered Porsches make the event, but if you count all the Porsches parked up and down the side streets we easily had 200+ Porsches in Brevard.

Over 350 Porsche Club members participated from 11 states and 15 regions.

The day started with 100 cars participating in the six mountain guided drives from Asheville, Black Mountain, Forest City, Greenville, Hendersonville and Waynesville. Another 60 cars found their own way to Brevard. Due to the location in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains everyone was guaranteed a beautiful Porsche drive on the twists and turns of the mountain roads.

Members were surprised to find a goodie bag with their official entry placard and window decal along with goodies from the event supporters Porsche Asheville, GMP Performance, Sports Car Market magazine and the Heart of Brevard.

All drivers congregated at the Brevard High School where we got the first initial look-see at all the beautiful Porsches. The conversation started immediately as drivers admired the many Porsche colors on both early air-cooled models to the latest water-cooled models.

The Brevard City Police and Fire Department led our parade of cars into town where the Appalachian Region had arranged a downtown Main Street takeover with Porsches three-wide covering the prime downtown shopping area of Brevard.

After parking some members hustled to one of the many restaurants before they filled up while others meandered among the cars talking with other owners.

The weather was fabulous making it ideal to view the breadth of Porsche history, models, colors and technology. You name it Porsche-wise and it was in Brevard. The only thing missing were racecars . . . maybe next year.

Take a look at this video to get the full scale of understanding of the breadth of cars. Video is courtesy of Jerry Mattox.

Still photos from Dick Maybach,Rusty Russ and Bob Disney are in the gallery below.

This event couldn’t have occurred without all the great support of our club volunteers. Give them a thanks:

  • Appalachian Region Board
  • Peter Graham – President
  • Don Therien –Vice President
  • Don Grainger – Secretary
  • Matt Pohsweg – Treasurer
  • Jim Moore – Luft Wasser Chair
  • Drive Leaders and Sweeps
    Asheville: Don Therien, Larry Koupal, Gary Snipes and Bob Disney
    Black Mountain: Peter Graham, Claudia Graham and David Wells
    Forest City: Richard Little
    Greenville: Rob Rainer
    Hendersonville: Carl von Schummer, TD King, Larry Morton, Charile Giudici, Don Oakes and Nick Stefanou
    Waynesville: Bob Hermann, John Goetzman, Ron Camarata and Bill Price
  • School Staging
    David Butler – School Staging Director
    David and Diane Angelus (New members transferring in from Chicago
    Buck Buchanan
    Judy Butler
    Mark and Amy Feightner
    Don and Robin Grainger
    Linda Moore
    Larry and Jean Wolford
  • Main Street Staging
    Scott Walker – Event Co-Director and Main Street Staging
    Rob and Susan Doudrick
    Joe Esposito
    Peter Graham
    Frank and Mona Gregg
    Charlie Hickey
    Dick Maybach
    Jim Peterson
    Todd Puhl
    Gary Snipes
    Don Therien
    Jim Woods
  • Event Photographers
    Rusty Russ
    Bob Disney
  • Web Site and Placard Designer
    Dick Maybach
  • Event Supporters
    Porsche Asheville
    GMP Performance
    Sports Car Market magazine
    Heart of Brevard
  • Government Entities
    Heart of Brevard Tourism
    City Police
    City Fire Department
    City Planning Department
    Transylvania County Board of Education
    NC DOT

Thank you all for coming and participating in the event. See you in Brevard 2020 for the 3rd Annual Luft Wasser.

Next Signature Event: Appalachian Adventure

If you enjoyed Luft Wasser then you’ll want to be sure to sign up for Appalachian Adventure. It is filling up fast.

You’ll find details at our web site: Appalachian Adventure is a three- or four-day event at The Ridges Resort of Lake Chatuge that includes a gimmick rallye and mountain driving tours, a Peoples-choice concours, social events and Porsche fun.

Before you register for Appalachian Adventure we suggest you make a room reservation first to insure a room on the property. The hotel stay at the Ridges at Lake Chatuge is not included in the registration fee and must be reserved separately by contacting The Ridges Resort on Lake Chatuge directly at 706-896-2262. Mention that you are with the Appalachian Region - Porsche Club to get the group rate until May 18, 2019.

See you at The Ridges!

Jim MooreJim Moore,
Appalachian Region Events Chair





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