Pisgah InnThe April Breakfast Ramble was set for the Pisgah Inn; promising one of the best views of any restaurant in the area.

It was going to be a full house with 45 members registered to participate.  Drama ensued in the lead-up to the event as a new manager wasn’t familiar with our arrangements and wasn’t sure if the Appalachian Region could be accommodated.

Breakfast Ramble Leader Joe Watson saved the event with a conversation with the Resort Manager who had restaurant manager Kelly on site taking care of us to meet our needs.

Part of the allure of this breakfast location was the route to the restaurant requiring the use of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Mini-drives were set up from all corners of the region.  I led a three-Macan Caravan from Asheville while other groups came from Waynesville, Hendersonville, Greenville and spots in-between.

The Asheville approach had fog as thick as pea soup so a cautious drive ensued to the restaurant. Finally at about 4500’ we broke through the fog to be greeted by sun and a glorious view of mountain peaks popping through the fog-laden valley before us.

Joe Watson and the Asheville group were the first to arrive and cordoned off a section of the restaurant for group eating as we broke up into tables of eight, six, and multiple fours. In total we had 44 members attend. Other drive groups and single cars arrived from 8:30 till 9:00 am and filled the restaurant with a bustle of Porsche talk.

The Pisgah Inn now has a beautiful outdoor deck that many convened to after breakfast to enjoy the view, take some pictures and connect with other members that were at other tables.

Pisgah Inn

This was definitely one of the best Breakfast Rambles that we have had:  a great drive to and fro, a terrific view, tasty food and great company.

The last site I saw was a line of six Caymans, Boxsters and 911’s heading off for a tour together down the Parkway with a plan to connect with 151.  That route is a one of the premier drives in the area and will be featured during the upcoming Luft Wasser & Brevard event.

We hold these events frequently; you can see where here.

Jim MooreSee you in Brevard!
Jim Moore, Appalachian Region Events Chair





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