February Tech SessionThe March 2, 2019 Tech Session saw 26 Appalachian Region members meet at Porsche Asheville for a session by Matt Emerson from their detail team, A&R Specialists.

The two-hour session was spent in the shop as Matt demonstrated with his team a wash from head to toe of a Porsche Cayman S.  A lot of the session was filled with many questions from member’s own cleaning challenges that Matt provided solutions with the tips and products A&R Specialist use to deliver a highly detailed Porsche for Porsche Asheville customers.

Here are some of my notes from the sessions of products and tips from Matt and his team.


  • Brand of products used extensively are McKee’s primarily though for some applications Matt uses Chemical Guys.
  • Wash: McKee’s 37 Sio2 Auto Wash
  • Bug & Tar Remover:  Mother’s Bug & Tar 3R
  • Sealant: Blackfire Sio2 Paint Sealant BF-300
  • Glass Cleaner: Nano Pail Super 3D Glass Cleaner (doesn’t leave a film like the spray cleaners
  • Leather Cleaner and Conditioner:  Wolfgang brand

Wash Process

  • Start broad and work down to detail when starting a wash
  • Wash from top to bottom
  • The key is to use clean wash mitts and clean water in the buckets – dirt in either will scratch
  • Rinse the car first to get the heavy dirt off and then apply soapy water and use a microfiber wash mitt to wash the entire vehicle.
  • Try to wash out of the sunlight.  If you can avoid the sunlight wash panel by panel so the water doesn’t try on the finish and waterspot
  • When washing or waxing move in straight lines to minimize swirl marks
  • Chamois vs Micro-Fiber Towels – Micro fiber is preferred due to the ability to keep clean for multiple uses

Convertible Care

  • Suggested to us RaggTopp Convertible Care kit
  • Don’t use too high of water pressure on the top

Trim & Moldings

  • Use a trim restorer to remover wax residue that may have been mistakenly applied on black trim
  • Use McKee’s Rubber Trim Restorer for Trim and Moldings
  • Use 00 Steel Wool on the tail pipes to clean them up
  • The rears of Porsches often collect a lot of road residue that has iron in it.  Use an Iron-off product to thoroughly clean the rear of the vehicle

Wax vs Sealants

  • Paint sealants will last longer than Carnuba Wax but the wax will provide a richer shine
  • It was suggested to wax every three months though manufacturers say you can go six months.
  • With paint sealants it is suggested to apply every six months though manufacturers say 12 months.
  • A lot depends on the exposure to the outside elements.  If the vehicle is garaged and doesn’t sit often in the elements you can probably go the longer time interval.

A good web site for reference is AutoGeek.net. They have forums, videos and how to articles. Tip: if you don't order product on your first visit, wait and you'll ofter be sent a coupon for money off.

Jim MooreJim Moore
Appalachian Events Chair




February Tech Session February Tech Session
February Tech Session February Tech Session