BMWAs odd as it sounds, 19 members of the Appalachian Region Porsche Club spent the morning of February 2 at the BMW Performance Center. Through contacts that member Lee Geronime had, we were able to connect with Lead Driving instructor Derek Leonard for a super-duper day with BMW’s.

Derek started the morning with an overview of the programs available from the Performance Center. An offer of a Teen Safety Driving program sounds terrific for our members with new drivers in the household. I wouldn’t recommend putting them in your Porsche, but the techniques they teach will make for a safer and more aware new driver of your daily driver.Many of the attendees were showing high interest in the one-day M-School to learn car control basics from the seat of a new BMW M3 or M2 Comp. As they said: where else can you have so much fun in a 400 hp car burning up someone else’s tires and gas? Plus there are no crash insurance worries.

The club may look at putting a group together to attend one of these sessions. If you are interested in a one day driving school featuring skid pad work, high speed obstacle avoidance and lane change and cornering/drifting basics for a price around $1,000, let Jim Moore know.

Attendees were also made aware of a very unique and exclusive day driving the Nurburgring in Germany, one of the most famous racetracks in the world. If you are interested in one of annual October trips, Jim Moore can connect you with Derek at BMW.

Lead Instructor Derek, also is associated with endurance racing team Thunder Bunny Racing who brought their car out for our viewing and shared how they offer seats for rent in endurance races where you have the benefit of driving instructor teammates to help you through the eight-hour enduro.

They discussed the programs available, car control techniques, their racing activities, and of course BMWs, both cars and bikes. Their presentation concluded with a ride with an instructor for a hot lap around their track. At liunch afterward, Appalachian members were heard plotting a return visit.

Jim MillerJim Moore
Appalachian Region Events Chair




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