Did you attend Luft, Wasser and Brevard last year? Are you planning to go and haven't registered yet? This year's event was slated for 165 cars; 145 are already signed up. If you haven't done so and would like to participate, please register today: Luft, Wasser and Brevard 2019.

Hopefully our events director, Jim Moore, can secure a few more spots so that everyone can be accommodated; he is thinking that we will have two 'groups' this year: luft and wasser.

Did you attend the Appalachian Adventure at the Ridges Resort last year? Are you planning to attend this year? AA will be held Thursday, August 15th through Sunday, the 18th and we are expecting a large turnout from PCA members from outside the Appalachian Region. The reserved hotel block is open now for reservations: call 706-896-2262 for reservations and mention Appalachian Adventure to receive the negotiated rate (same as last year) for either a resort or lake view room. Registration for AA opens on April 15th and as we have done in the past, the Goodie Store will offer a 10% discount on AR merchandise ordered between June 1st and July 15th. For more information about AA 2019, please contact Don Therien.

Have you dreamed of racing you Porsche down a runway? Ever attended Porsche Asheville's Mountain Aire event in Burnsville? Although there are no specifics, plans are underway for the 2019 event with PCA members from other regions expressing interest (article about 2018 event in the 'From the Regions' section of Panorama). Details will follow as soon as they are available.

Ever wondered who's attending an AR event for which registration is required? Dick Maybach works diligently at maintaining our website and would like to 'expose' a feature to the membership: 'Members Only'. This feature allows for a member to log into the website to see more information, protected from the general access. To receive a Username and Password, please email a request to Don Oakes, our membership chair. Once you receive your credentials, you may log into our website by selecting 'Admin' from the main menu and then 'Members Only' from the drop down menu. Please remember that by logging into the website, you agree to keep all information confidential and that by doing so, your information will also be held in confidence.

Porsche Asheville does quite a lot to support the Appalachian Region, including not only sponsorship but offering PCA members a 10% discount on parts and service. What can we offer in return? Please thank Porsche Asheville personnel for sponsoring us and for the service they provide. Refer your Porsche owner friends to Porsche Asheville for sales and service. 'Like' Porsche Asheville on Facebook and other social media and if you've had an unusually good interaction with Porsche Asheville, highlight your experience on their Facebook page and other social media!

And finally, please remember to check our website for the most current information about activities and events: we have many good events on our calendar for February and March, including a planned trip to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta: check it out!

On a more personal note, I am back to work restoring our numbers-matching 1968 912 soft window Targa and am considering a 'shop tour' event. If you're interested, drop me a note via email. I am hoping to have the car ready for paint (Tangerine, paint code 6809) by April/May time frame (I need to get busy!)



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