The Appalachian Region – PCA uses two mass communication media, its Website and its Facebook page, and both encourage contributions.

The Website primarily distributes information from the Region to its members, while the Facebook page allows members to communicate with each other. However, there is considerable overlap of the two services.

Our Website is open to all; that is, anyone, not just Appalachian members, can view its content. Furthermore, anyone can submit material for it; however, it won’t appear until approved by the Website Committee. By contrast, our Facebook group page is closed, and only group members those approved (typically PCA members from any region) can view it. (Apply here for instructions on joining our Facebook group.) Anyone who can view it the Facebook group can also post to it, although the Social Media Committee can delete inappropriate content (rules are posted at the top of the group page).

Much of the information on the Website concerns the Region’s business, including

  • meeting and event schedules and announcements,
  • reports of past events,
  • board and committee minutes,
  • officers’ contact information, and
  • links to related sites.

Both sites welcome PCA- and automotive-related material, including

  • upcoming automotive events (for the events calendar),
  • reports, with pictures if available, of past Appalachian, PCA, or other automotive events,
  • experiences with Porsches,
  • Porsche trips. and
  • Porsche restoration and repair projects.

Browsing our Website news archives and our Facebook page will give you a good idea of what interests our members. If in doubt, submit, as we are always looking for new ideas.

Facebook items are generally short, and readers usually look at only the current ones. Website articles can be longer, can have many images, and are retained indefinitely. We welcome additional text or images for those already posted, regardless of their age. If you aren’t sure whether to post on Facebook or our Website, please submit to both.

We can accept text for Website articles in most of the popular formats. Images should be at least 600 pixels wide and 450 high; smaller ones will also be smaller on the site. Here too, we can accept most formats, although jpeg is the most common. We can also accept less common file types, such as spreadsheets, databases, and vector graphics.

Photos and videos of autocross and track events for both Facebook and the Website should not show licence plates as insurance companies may cancel policies if they find them.

Send material for the Website to and for Facebook to The text for Website material can be either in the body of the e-mail or a text attachment. Non-text items must be attached. If you are a frequent contributor or have many high-resolution images, it may be more convenient to obtain an account, which will allow you to submit articles and images (10 at a time) directly. Image files from modern digital cameras are large, and many E-mail services balk if you attach too many. Just send a request for an account to our Membership Chair.