OhlinsThe New Year started off with a tech session in Hendersonville to visit Öhlin’s Suspension Technologies.

Öhlins is a leading suspension technology company providing state of the art dampers (or as many of us know them, shock absorbers).

Öhlins also provides the CES valve found in most high-end performance vehicles that allows the suspension to be adjusted from comfort to road to sport when you push that button on your console.

Öhlins suspension applications are used by Formula 1, Nascar, and Indy teams, high-end performance car original equipment and various motorsport and street applications for the professional and amateur sports car racer. The unique Road & Track system allow for adjustments providing a comfortable street ride to the track that is then adjusted for the handling required for maximum performance on the track.

Twenty-seven Appalachian Region members attended the tech session. Members first learned some basics of suspension technology highlighted by some entertaining videos supporting the concepts.

Once we understood some of the basics, the group moved into the shop for a discussion of how a gas damper actually works by viewing a demonstrator damper on a shock dyno.

From the dyno room the tour moved to the Vehicle Dynamics Testing room that feature a seven-point shaker rig. A shaker rig replicates driving conditions on the street or track where the suspension characteristics of the vehicle can be evaluated under ideal circumstances that exclude weather, tires and driver input.

Indy, Nascar and Sports Car racing teams use this shaker rig to set up their cars as they mount their yearly campaign. The Hendersonville location was originally chosen due to its central access to all forms of US motorsports.

Lucky member and track guy, Richard Berg had the good fortune that his 1999 911 996 was used on the shaker rig for our demonstration and evaluation of his suspension as he sets the car up for his 2019 track days.

The session concluded with a review of Öhlin’s products specific for Porsches, from Charlie Hickey’s 1972 911 to Clint Owings’ track prepared Cayman to the latest GT3’s, 911’s, Caymans, Boxsters and Turbos.

The next Tech Session moves from the car to driver input as we hear from Driving Instructor Derek Leonard about car control. The session will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

See you at the Driver Control tech session in February!

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Jim MooreJim Moore
Appalachian Events Chair