Treffen Ashville is now done (but not over: feedback desired and paper work to submit; I digress...).

To you, the members of our Region: my sincerest thanks and gratitude for making Treffen Asheville a smashing success!

For those who served on the TA committee, Drive committee, the volunteers that stuffed goodie bags and manned the hospitality desk, indeed all those who worked so diligently in Treffen Asheville planning, execution and participation: you have the thanks and gratitude of PCA National, Treffen North America Staff, your Appalachian Region officers and every Treffen Asheville participant with whom I spoke. You have set the standard for all future Treffen and PCA events at a very high level indeed; well done! To wit Saturday after the closing banquet, I was sitting in the Great Hall, talking to a couple from the Hurricane Region (Eastern North Carolina): this was their very first PCA event; he lamented that his expectations for other PCA events should not be so high. (…so I made sure to invite them to Appalachian Adventure 2018.)

A final, somber note: Hugh Tackett and his family attended Treffen Asheville: Hugh was awarded the ‘Spirit of Treffen’ at Friday evening’s meal. Since registering for Treffen Asheville, Hugh has been diagnosed with glioblastoma (5-year survival rate: 10%). Howard LaPlante is also suffering serious, life-threatening illness and still supported TA Drives. Please keep Hugh and Howard in your thoughts and prayers.

Peter GrahamThank you!