Welcome to new members to the Appalachian Region. Please introduce yourself and extend them warm welcome!

Ryan Rutherford (transfer from Peachstate)
Larry Klein (new member)
Jeffrey Wilson (new member)
Ronald Klahr (new member)
Clyde Mills (new member)
Thomas and Billie Mennecke (transfer from Las Vegas)
Emery Dessoffy (new member)
David and Kate Wells (new member)
Brent Curvin (new member)

As a recap of upcoming AR events:

  • March 29th to April 2nd – Treffen Hill Country, Austin, TX (AR members attending)
  • April 1st – Drive & Dine to PARI using Treffen Asheville (TA) drive route
  • April 6th – monthly AR Board meeting
  • April 8th – TA committee meeting – finalize Drive information for Treffen website
  • April 12th – AR Social: Pisgah Brewing
    April 29th – TA committee meeting w/ David O’Neal
  • May 4th - monthly AR Board meeting
  • May 6th – Drive & Dine to Penland School of Crafts using TA route
  • May 10th – AR Social: Wedge at Foundation
  • May 19th to May 21st – Mini Appalachian Adventure, Abingdon, VA
  • May 24th 3:00pm – Treffen Asheville registration opens.

I’ve attached a PDF file (link below) of the drive route instructions for the Saturday, April 1st Drive & Dine to Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute. Please print them out for use. The starting point is South College at 148 Sweeten Creek Road; plan on arriving around 8:00 am to sign the waiver and attend a participants’ meeting (new PCA nomenclature – no kidding). Please RSVP to David Butler at secretary@aprpca.org.

PARI Drive Route

The AR-PCA Board meeting which usually precedes the monthly event is shifted one week to Thursday, April 6th 4pm in the conference room at Porsche Asheville. This change allows for Treffen Hill Country to be discussed.

Treffen Asheville committee will meet Saturdays April 8th and April 29th at 10:00 am in the conference room at Porsche Asheville. The purpose of the meetings is to ‘button up’ the Asheville Treffen drives. Volunteers for lead, mid-pack and sweep drivers and navigators are still needed: if you would like to volunteer, please email me at president@aprpca.org, stating preferences for Thursday/Saturday and position.

There are still a couple of slots open for our Mini-Appalachian Adventure to be held on the weekend of May 19th in Abingdon, VA. For additional information and sign-up, please contact Don Therien at vice.president@aprpca.org. A response is required by this Sunday, March 26th.

Information about our Region may be found at our website: Appalachian Region - PCA.

Finally, I am overwhelmed, not just by your response for the Appalachian Region and Treffen Asheville, but also by the work remaining to be done: the upcoming trip to Treffen Hill Country may allay or compound it. It is true that ‘many hands make light work’ and I appreciate everything that we've accomplished to date. If you are not active, please avail yourself to opportunities in the Region, not only by volunteering for Treffen Asheville or participating in monthly events, but by attending Board meetings, offering your input and maybe even becoming a Chairperson (we have openings... hint hint). After all, the cars bring us together, but it’s the people that are important!

Peter's 912
The 912 is not quite ready for Treffen Hill Country.

 Peter GrahamI hope to see you at an event soon!