Treffen Asheville Volunteer Request

I have had an outstanding response to the first request for volunteers to work Treffen Asheville: we are about half-way to the number of drive/mid/sweep drivers/navigators needed, 2/3 towards the number of radios required and have a slew of Goodie Bag/Hospitality volunteers.

I am sending the volunteer/radio request again (just in case you missed the first one). I'll add that we will need a small group of lead/sweeps on Friday as we plan to have two/three small groups (8 'guest' cars each) driving the Tail of the Dragon and the possibility of more small groups driving the Rattler (NC-209 from Lake Junaluska to Hot Springs).

Again, volunteering your time as a tour driver/navigator is a great way to participate fully in an individual Treffen activity without making the full Treffen commitment. (To be included in all TA events, Appalachian Region members will be required to register.) The planned compensation package for Drive volunteers is a $25 stipend for gasoline each Treffen drive, a TA t-shirt, lunch and paid admission to drive destination (if applicable).

If you would like to volunteer to help with a Drive or are willing to loan 2-way radios, a response is requested now. Please indicate all roles you are willing to fill (lead/mid-pack/sweep) on which day(s): Thursday September 21st, Friday September 22nd and/or Saturday September 23rd.

At this point, many people have signed up to assemble goodie bags and act as hospitality at the OGPI for the duration of the event: thank you for volunteering; however, the more, the merrier. ('Many hands make light work.') Please consider giving us a couple hours of your time if you cannot participate in any other way. Even a small/one-day commitment will be greatly appreciated!!

Please respond via e-mail to at your earliest convenience if you'd like to help. Thank you for your time, consideration and support!

Peter GrahamPeter