Carl von Schummer spent a day at Smokey Mountain Region's Spring Thing. Here's his report.

I got up at five a.m. for a top-down drive to Greenville, Tennessee just after six. Janice definitely thought that I was nuts, but I had a great drive. The event was also great. I got re-acquainted with a couple Janice and I met at the Boxster Summit in Little Switzerland last year. He recently bought a 2013 Boxster S in graphite with a red leather interior – Gorgeous! Bob Lawrence from Asheville was there in a new (275 miles), very red GT4. There also were two 912's, a green '67 owned by a couple from Georgia, who bought the car new, and Vic Rola, our Zone Rep, in a nice white 911 with an orange rally stripe and rally lights. At least half a dozen, perhaps more 996's and about the same number of 986 and 987 Boxsters, a lone 928, and two or three nice Caymans. It would be a fun event to go to next year and spend a night or two at the General Morgan Inn. Rt 25/70 and then 209 were great especially with no one but me on the road! Let's try to do this next year!

Spring Thing  Spring Thing 
 Spring Thing Spring Thing