PCNA is looking for a few good (concours quality, bone stock) Boxsters.

From Vic Rola, our Zone 3 Rep:

An interesting opportunity has been presented our Zone, by PCNA/Atlanta. See below…

We’re looking to select five prime Boxsters which fit in the categories presented by PCNA. The selected cars would be then part of a historical display of Boxsters, leading up to the soon to be introduced, 718.

Although an interesting and unique opportunity, the finalists would have to agree to the stipulations, as noted in the PCNA memo below. We’d be looking for 2-3 cars in each evolution, so we’d have a car or two to fall back on, should the owners have to pull their vehicles for one reason or another. Note also, that they’re looking for totally bone stock Boxsters, of concours quality. If the car has some history with it, that would be a selling point.

Once you get the word out to owners you’ve qualified…when the owners accept the stipulations…the owner should send to you four photos of the car taken from all four corners…the owner should also include in his/her email to you, some historical insights on their Boxster. They are NOT TO CONTACT Porsche, or any dealers or PCNA employees. Once you receive Boxster information, you should forward it to me.

This is an opportunity for PCA’ers that have Boxsters, to show off their pride and joy.

Please distribute as quickly as possible, as the cars need to be in place by the end of May, and stay until the end of July. The display will be viewed by representatives of all the Porsche dealerships, nationwide, who will be coming to OPD for training on the 718.

All questions should be directed to me, and Andrew Douglas of the Peachstate Region, and I, will communicate onto PCNA.

The PCNA memo begins here…

I think I may have a unique opportunity for a few PCA members to feature their Boxsters in the Heritage Gallery here at One Porsche Drive. For the new 718 training program in the month of June and for OPD visitors in July, I thought it would be nice to display an evolution of the Boxster model. For this, we would need to have a total of five Boxsters:

  1. Early (986) 1997-1999 Boxster 2.5
  2. Early (986) 2000-2003 Boxster S or Boxster S 550 Spyder Edition 2004
  3. (987) Boxster S RS 60 Spyder Edition 2008
  4. (987.2) Boxster or Boxster S 2009-2011 or Spyder 2011-2012
  5. (981.1) Boxster 2013-2014

The PCA member would need to be willing to bring their vehicle to OPD and leave it for display from the end of May through the end of July. Of course, we would build the display around the focus of the five car evolution. I would want to select the most stock appearing (no aftermarket modifications), Concours-quality Boxsters. Also, the vehicle cannot be listed for sale or reference that it "could be seen at OPD" for the purpose of sales preview. I am trying to build a museum level display of the mid-engine roadster series, after all.

Given that the public part of the display (July) would happen post-PCA Parade, Michelle suggested that perhaps we could find a way to offer a "PCA member only" allowance for certain activities within the facility for the month of July? Also, we could create a digital display featuring the PCA member who is showing their Boxster in the display.

Peter GrahamPeter Graham, President
Appalachian Region - Porsche Club of America