New 911 UnveillingOn April 14 Porsche Asheville unveiled the 2017 Carrera at an invitation-only gala at the Asheville Art Museum.

This was done jointly with the Museum and included a raffle of art and Porsche items to benefit the Museum.

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  • Entrance

    Inside it was all about the new Carrera, but there was a Panamera a the entrance.

  • Socializing

    Whenever Porsche folks get together there is always socializing.

  • Raffle Prizes

    Before the unveiling, we had time to look over the raffle prizes.

  • Raffle Ticket Sales

    With prizes donated by both the Asheville Art Museum and Porsche Asheville, there was plenty of incentive for brisk ticket sales.

  • Pam Myers

    Pam Myers, Director of the Asheville Art Museum, welcomed everybody just before the unveiling.

  • Scott Wilkerson

    As did Scott Wilkerson, the owner of Porsche Asheville.

  • Unveiling

    Ron Klahr and Don Oakes handled the unveiling of the Carrera coupe.

  • Cabriolet

    The cabriolet had lots of attention.

  • Cabriolet Inside

    Both outside and inside.

  • Buffet

    The buffet was lavish, even by Porsche Asheville's high standards.

  • Bar

    As was the bar.

  • Drawing

    Care was taken to insure an impartial drawing.

  • Prize Award

    Although sometimes it took a while for a winner to work through the crowd to Charlie Schieren, our master of ceremonies.