You probably noticed that iIn early March we moved our Website to a new host. Since then, we've added several new features to make it more useful, interesting, and easy to use.

The new URL is, but the site will continue to be accessible from its old URL, (The only difference is the period between "apr" and "pca".) However, the content and the general organization hasn't changed. For example, the navigation bar near the top of each page has the same items as before, although it now shows you under which tab you are located. (Select the help menu item for how to use the bar to find what you need.)

The home page is now more open, with the items separated to make them easier to read.

We have new tools to help you navigate around the site.

  • There is a search box at the upper right on every page, which you can use to find items you want. (This won't search the events calendar; for which you must make a separate search from an events page. See below.)
  • When you place the cursor on the News item, a drop-down menu now appears, with items such as "2015 News Archive." If you know the year the item you want appeared, you can go directly to it rather than having to scroll down to the bottom of tne News page. Othersise, just click directly on News as before.
  • When you read an article, a list of related items appears in the right sidebar.
  • At the bottom of the page is the path from the home page to your current one. You can click on any interrmediate folder to return to it.
  • We have an events manager for our activities. This includes a new calendar that color-codes events (red for Appalachian activities, green for Appalachian committee meetings, yellow for the events of other PCA regions, and gray for non-PCA events). It also adds on-line event registration to replace the cumbersome e-mailing we've done in the past.
  • Finally, there is an events search feature (on the Events page) to help you find a particular event.

We can now display slide shows and have added two - Steve Goodman's pictures of the Amelia Island Concours and Dick Maybach's of the Porsche by Design exhibit from some years ago.

We've added some new administrative documents, including PCA's 2016 Region Procedures Manual and several tour guidelines.

Our new host collects site usage statistics locally, such as the number of visitors, how long they stay, what pages they view, and in what country they reside. As a result, we've been able to discontinue using Google Analytics for this, and our users privacy is improved because Google no longer collects these data.

Although not part of the Website, our new host allows us to offer e-mail accounts for our officers. These have the form, and we've created accounts for all the elected and appointed officers, although not everybody has found it convenient to use them.

Our goal is that the site keep you informed about PCA activities and about non-PCA automotive events in our area, with the emphasis always on the Appalachian Region and its members.

We need more items about our members, and you can help. If you visit an interesting event take pictures (those using a cell phone are fine). If you take an interesting drive, write it up. Take a picture of your new (or old) car, preferably including yourself. Write up and photograph your latest project. Send us the results so your fellow members can see what you've been up to.

Dick MaybachDick Maybach
Website Chair