Steve and Mary Jo Goodman took advantage of our area's fine roads, weather, and restaurants.

Mary JoJaime's Center TableMary Jo and I did a top down drive to Jaime's in Brevard yesterday. We like to go for a weekday lunch so there are no crowds.

On the way down we take NC 280 (off ramp is AVL airport).  Straight no fuss drive, then we come back via the BRP.  At that time the sun is behind you so the drive on the BRP is quite enjoyable. Most of the tourist are going the other direction so you minimize your chance of getting behind a corolla.

We started out with the great gumbo and ended with a very nice Artichoke-crab-cheese pizza.  We also like the Po boys and then there are the Brussel sprouts!

The center table would be great for the Saturday group.  I recognize that ir is somewhat of a hike, but it is a great opportunity for a suntan.

We returned to the house via the Blue Ride Parkway.  It was 66 deg in Brevard and 57 up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.