Appalachian Region-PCA Annual Membership Meeting – Saturday 12/3/2016, 10 am – Country Club of Asheville, Fireside Room

Call to order


Executive Board/Committee Chair Recognition

Opening Comments, State of the Region

Board Comments:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Past President

Committee Chair Comments:

  • Treffen Asheville
  • Special Events

Comments/Questions from Membership
(please begin by stating your name when recognized)

Adjourn Annual Meeting

Abbreviated Board Meeting to follow:

  • Approve previous minutes from previous Board meeting
  • Committee Reports (as needed)
  • Unfinished/new Business
  • Announcements/Comments
  • Adjourn

Executive Board:

  • President: Peter Graham
  • Vice President: Don Therien
    Secretary: David Butler
  • Treasurer: Matt Pohsweg
  • Past President: Jim Peterson

Committee Chairs:

  • Concours: Joe Esposito, Mario de Francisco
  • Events: <vacant>
  • Historian/Archivist: David Butler
  • Special Events: Don Therien
  • Website: Dick Maybach
  • Membership: <vacant>
  • Social Media: Jason Howard
  • Treffen Asheville: Bob Herrmann
  • Safety: Charlie Hickey
  • Driving Events/Tours: Larry Koupal
  • Merchandise/Goodie Store: Charlie Hickey
  • Marketing/Communication: <vacant>


Peter GrahamPeter Graham
President, Appalachian Region – PCA