Greetings Appalachian Region - PCA members,

Here’s another update to keep you posted on news concerning the Appalachian Region- PCA.

Events - we had a capacity crowd of over 50 at the 9/3/15 Picnic at Reynolds Mountain pavilion. Nice to see so many familiar faces and a number of new ones added to our group. Thanks to Judy and David Butler for their efforts in coordinating the event. It was BYOB with a $10/head charge for rental of tables, chairs and port-a-potty. The region supplied broasted chicken from Little Pigs BBQ. This potluck picnic has turned out to be a very enjoyable and popular event, so much so that we are seeking a larger space for next year.

Watch your email for news on upcoming events including a fall color drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway with a stop for lunch on Saturday 10/3 and another visit on Saturday 11/7 to G&S Motors to view some unique rare and exotic automobiles. We are also in the early stages of planning for the Christmas/Holiday party in conjunction with annual membership meeting. We will be following with details.

Goodie Store/Merchandise - is now open for business! See the region website. There is a button at the top of the home page ‘Store’ that will link you to Kathy Boehm
and the Goodie Store. Kathy has provided this service to the Carolinas Region for years and has now extended it to the Appalachian Region. You’ll find Appalachian Region logo name badges, caps, shirts, jackets and more. There is a representative sampling of merchandise available on the link backed by a catalog of over 700 pages of specialty items. Kathy can also do special orders including manufacturer/car logos.

Board Election ‒ According to the region bylaws, an election of officers is scheduled prior to year-end 2015, the first year of the Appalachian Region-PCA. The Nominating Committee has filed its report which will be posted on the region website on 9/15/15. The election will take place beginning 11/1 via electronic voting with results reported by the end of the first week of December 2015.

PCA Escape - now scheduled for Asheville in September 2017. For details, see the attachment to the Board meeting minutes of 9/3/15. This will be a very exciting event for PCA and the Appalachian Region with up to 250 cars and 500 PCA members in attendance. Although a PCA National committee will coordinate the event, the hosting region (us) will be invited to plan and lead two days of drives and tours for the group. We will need approximately 20 ‘tourmeisters’, plus there will be some additional volunteer opportunities. Escape is developing into PCA’s premier event with emphasis on touring local roads and visiting points of interest with plenty of time for socializing.      We will keep you posted as plans firm up.

Appalachian Region summer event - between now and PCA Escape, the Appalachian Region will host a major event next summer on August 12-14, 2016 at Fontana Village Resort. Mark your calendars now. This event replaces IDB and will offer much more in terms of drives/tours, local points of interest (such as the Tail of the Dragon and Fontana dam - both literally just down the road,) peoples choice concours and more with plenty of time for socializing at a facility that is well known and recognized for hosting car club events. Don Therien is leading a group that is planning for this special event. Let him know if you would like to help in the planning and staging of what promises to be a great event for the Appalachian Region.

I would like to close with a Thank You to those stepping up and getting involved in the events and activities of the newly formed Appalachian Region-PCA. Whether it is participation on a special project or committee, serving as a committee chair or Board member, you are the ones that make the Appalachian Region happen! In return, you are the ones enjoying the opportunity to more fully experience your membership in PCA. The Appalachian Region offers lots of opportunities to get involved. See the website for a listing of committees and events. Whatever your interest, expertise or available time, there is a spot for you to get involved with the Appalachian Region. If you are interested in getting even more out of your PCA membership, just contact me, any of the officers or committee chairs.

I appreciate your participation and support and look forward to seeing you at a future event.

Jim PetersonThank you.

Jim Peterson, President
Appalachian Region - Porsche Club of America