Greetings Appalachian Region - PCA members,

Thought it would be time for an update. Here is the latest:


  • Peter Graham (Appalachian Region Vice President) just returned from a PCA Zone 3 Region President’s meeting in Atlanta, GA, which was held at the Porsche Experience Center (aka OPD for One Porsche Drive, the local street address in Atlanta.) (Peter traveled in my place because I just got back from an extended trip.) Based upon his visit, Peter reports the $110 million facility is “unbelievable” and will be great for a future region outing. However, PCNA is still working out the kinks and advises PCA that it will have information after the first of the year as it relates to hosting PCA region groups. Although many of us are anxious to visit the new facility, it is suggested that we wait a bit longer as a group to ensure we get the best experience and deal at PEC/OPD. Stay tuned for details and future region event planning.

    We also understand that Harmony Motors and other Porsche dealers will soon be sending sales people to OPD for an overview of this excellent sales tool.

    Note: you are free to visit OPD on your own in the interim, however don’t expect any deals or special hosted treatment.

  • Per our region Bylaws, we are now entering the cycle for election of region officers. You may recall that PCA required us to list officers in our charter petition so we selected representation at that time with an understanding that a formal election of officers would take place during the first full year of the region’s existence.At its 6/4/15 meeting, the Board appointed a nominating committee composed of Jim Peterson (me) as representative of the Board and Broadus Brannon and Don Therien as representatives from active membership. This has been posted on the region website by the 8/15/15 deadline. The nominating committee is charged with submitting its report and recommendations by 9/15/15.

    We will be electing an Appalachian Region President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer before year-end. I strongly encourage anyone who may be interested in serving as an officer to let Broadus,, Don,, or me,, know. I can say from personal experience that it is an opportunity and a privilege to serve as an officer of a PCA region. The Appalachian Region is up and running well based on a very solid collective effort; now is a great time to continue move the region ahead with some fresh ideas and energy!

    See the Bylaws posted on the Region website for additional details on the election process as well as officer duties and terms.

  • Stand by for some announcements soon on two areas: the Appalachian Region Facebook page and the availability of Appalachian Region - PCA merchandise/Goodie Store items. We are actively working in these and other areas (such as an update to the region website – thanks to Dick Maybach and Carl Von Schummer) and will be getting information to you as soon as possible.

  • The events committee has done a great job this year with a host of monthly events and activities including Drive and Dines and information sessions. Many Thanks to Peter Graham, Steve Goodman and Scott Walker for their efforts this year!!! They are not done yet by any means! Please plan to attend the annual Appalachian Region picnic scheduled for Saturday September 5 at 5 pm at the pavilion at Reynolds Mountain in Asheville. Details are on the region website for this potluck event. Attendance is limited to 48 due to space issues so it is important to sign up ASAP if you are interested. To reserve a spot email David Butler at

  • Don’t forget about the silent auction for tickets for two at the Porsche World Roadshow on August 29 and 30 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Details on this exciting event can be found on the Appalachian Region website. Bidding closes on 8/19/15. Thanks again to Harmony Motors for donating two tickets (for two participants each) for this exciting Porsche event.

  • It wouldn’t be a note from me without another appeal for volunteers. Although we have accomplished a great deal this year, at this time we need particular assistance in areas including merchandise/Goodie Store, events, marketing and communications. We can also use additional volunteers as Facebook monitors. Finally, Don Therien will soon be firing up the special events committee with plans for a return of IDB in 2016. Just let me or any of the committee chairs (see website for details) know if you are interested in getting involved and we can go from there.

Thank you for your participation and support. As David Butler stated at the 8/1/15 monthly meeting, we are off to a great start as a PCA region and have the makings (members, demographics, geography and roads, local Porsche dealer and supplier support, etc.) to help the Appalachian Region - PCA be something truly special. And, we can (only) do it with your involvement and commitment.

I hope to see you at a future Appalachian Region event.

Jim PetersonThank you.

Jim Peterson, President
Appalachian Region - Porsche Club of America