I wish to inform you that the Appalachian Region charter was approved by the PCA Executive Committee on February 6, 2015.

I now assume the office of Vice President of the Appalachian Region. As a direct result I must resign as Mountain Area Director of the Carolinas Region. I have enjoyed my short tenure as your AD and very much appreciate the support you've provided.

In moving forward, here is the 'read' on what to expect: with the approval of the charter request, the Appalachian Region becomes the 142nd region within PCA to include the sixteen counties in Western NC that were the Carolinas Region Mountain Area. The remaining processes of establishing the Appalachian Region should be complete within the next 30 to 45 days.

Part of the process is establishing the primary member's region affiliation. All Mountain Area members who are listed as Charter Members of the Appalachian Region will be automatically affiliated with the Appalachian Region. All other Mountain Area members will receive an official communication from PCA National requesting region affiliation selection. There are four possible options:

  1. select the Appalachian Region,
  2. select to remain in the Carolinas Region,
  3. select any other region, or
  4. no response. (The member will remain affiliated to Carolinas Region.)

Appalachian Region Charter Member enrollment remains open at this time: if you wish to be a Charter Member, please reply to this e-mail stating your intention. The Region-in-Formation Board members and Officers encourage all Mountain Area members to choose Appalachian Region affiliation. At any point, a PCA member may change region affiliation by logging into the PCA website and selecting 'Edit', 'Membership': region selection is at the top of the 'Membership' page.

Save the date: Thursday April 2, 2015, 5:00-7:00 pm. Harmony Motors will host a "Charter Party" to celebrate the Appalachian Region's charter approval. Everyone in the Mountain Area is invited to attend. More information will follow.

Again, thank you for your support,

Peter Graham Peter Graham
 Vice-President, Appalachian Region
 Past Mountain Area Director, Carolinas Region