Here are a few items I would like to call to your attention at this time:

The Appalachian Region was chartered by PCA on 2/6/15, and we are now listed on the PCA National website. Our PCA territory encompasses the 16 western-most counties of North Carolina. As a PCA member you have the option to elect the Region with which you wish to affiliate. To make certain you are listed as an Appalachian Region member, I urge you to check the PCA website: and press ‘MEMBER LOG-IN’. After logging in to the site, press the EDIT tab, MEMBERSHIP (comes up in the “ACCOUNT’ mode), and select Appalachian (NC) from the drop down Region list. Then press SAVE at the bottom of the page. That’s all there is to it-you will then be classified as a member of the Appalachian Region – PCA.

Rather than use our limited funds for a newsletter, we have a Website keep you informed about the Region and its activities. The main page is simple to make it accessible using a smart phone and lists the coming events both in our region and nearby. Appalachian Region events appear in red to make them more visible. Other information is accessible by clicking on links that appear in green. (The color changes to blue for those you've already visited.) If you see an e-mail address in green, clicking on it will probably start a message to it, although this does depend on how your PC or other device is set up. Items in the News sidebar on the right take you to announcements and descriptions of past events, while those in the Appalachian Region sidebar on the left are administrative. In particular, note the bottom items on the left, which include our new Marketplace, where you can list Porsche-related items you want to buy, sell, or trade and also a new Tours item, with directions for past Region tours. Also see the note in the News sidebar about the upcoming In Den Bergen; we will be updating this as the planning progresses. Finally, at the bottom center are links to two calendars that show events occurring over the coming twelve months.

As you scan the Appalachian Region website, please note the Officers and Committees tab with special attention to committees. This is where you can really enhance your PCA membership experience and help our new Region as we gather momentum. Simply put, we need volunteers to staff our committees – those that are open and those with existing volunteers have plenty of room for you and your participation. Please give this some thought – it is your club and you make a difference. If you have questions and/or interest in any of the committees just send me an email and we can go from there. You can be involved to whatever degree you have time and interest - and we need your participation.

The Appalachian Region is up and running and gaining momentum. Your continued participation and support are keys to its success. Please contact me with your questions, ideas and suggestions. Thank you,

Jim Peterson Jim Peterson, President
 Appalachian Region, Porsche Club of America