Greetings PCA members in WNC,

We invite and encourage all PCA members in the 16 western-most counties of North Carolina to specify Appalachian Region as their region of choice.

As a reminder, the Appalachian Region was granted responsibility our WNC territory by PCA when the region was chartered on February 2, 2015. On March 14 we had 94 primary and 70 co-members. As of May 7, the Appalachian Region has 144 primary members and 95 supplementary members. The Region is off to a great start and was formed with a sole focus on the best interests of PCA members in WNC.

Following is the May update on happenings with the Appalachian Region ‒ PCA.

  1. FINAL NOTICE, to be identified as “Charter Member” of the Appalachian Region change your region affiliation by 5/31/15. You can make your selection of Appalachian Region via the PCA website: and press MEMBER LOG-IN. After logging onto the site, press EDIT, then MEMBERSHIP (it comes up in the ACCOUNT mode,) and select Appalachian (NC) from the drop down Region list. Then press SAVE at the bottom of the page. You will then be identified as a member of the Appalachian Region-PCA.
  2. Peter Graham and Scott Walker organized and mapped another great drive and dine which was held on Saturday May 2. According to Peter, “As a Black Mountain resident, this is my favorite local drive when I get a few minutes away from work and the computer.” We found out why. For more details and photos see the region website at Thanks to Peter and Scott for your efforts!
  3. June AR Event: June 6 Waterfall Drive & Picnic ‒ This 84-mile/4+ hour Drive and Picnic will start in Franklin and end in Dupont State Forest and features 13 waterfalls and 6 in-route stops. We will picnic at Whitewater Falls/Nantahala National Forest: each participant is responsible for bringing their own food/drink, picnic supplies, etc.; there is a $2 use fee at the park: please bring exact change. Comfortable walking/hiking shoes are recommended. We will meet at 9:40am at 1509 Highlands Road in Franklin (Highlands Road is US-64, 1509 Highlands Road is just east of the intersection with US-441 on the right in a small strip center). Cars will be grouped in smaller numbers (6-10) to facilitate parking at route stops. Tour links: map, route directions, drive overview, waterfall descriptions; the links may also be found on our website: Please RSVP to
  4. In addition to attending region events, your best bet to meet fellow PCA members and develop friendships with like-minded Porsche lovers is to get involved by volunteering with region events and activities. A wide variety of alternatives exist based on your interests and available time. As a new PCA Region we are in the process of filling out our volunteer posts and can use your help. You will find a listing of region officers and committees on the region website. There you might notice a recent addition ‒ Beth Aldecoa has agreed to assume duties as Membership Chair. Thanks Beth for stepping up and joining in!

In particular, our key needs at this time include volunteers to assist in:

  • Marketing and communications (and photography.)
  • Newsletter (will be website based and could also be printed as a stand-alone piece.)
  • Events ‒ these are monthly meetings held throughout the year and include drive and dines, tech sessions, visits to area automotive shops, wineries and car museums, caravans to car shows and auto races, etc., ‒ generally things of interest to fellow PCA members, often involving a chance to drive our Porsches on great roads in WNC. Peter Graham and Scott Walker currently co-chair events coordination and invite any/all interested in getting involved to let them know. Your participation could be as simple as suggesting a favorite drive, restaurant or activity and working with Peter and Scott to plan a monthly event around it.
  • Special events ‒ believe it or not, Don Therien is leading a group already involved in the early planning stages for a major weekend event for summer, 2016 in WNC. Special events offer a great opportunity to participate with a team of fellow Appalachian Region members in planning activities such as concours, driving tours, tech sessions and quizzes, as well as social events, meals, lodging particulars, etc. These events require lots of hands to succeed and offer you a great opportunity to meet and make PCA friends.
  • Safety ‒ a most important area that comes into focus anytime a wheel is turned at a PCA event.
  • Merchandise/Goodie Store ‒ we will soon select a logo for the new Appalachian Region. Our new identity promises to be first class and something members will likely want to display on garments, hats, decals, etc. We already have a few sources of merchandise identified and can use help in coordinating the offering and ordering.

Whatever your interest and no matter how much or little time you have available, we can find a volunteer opportunity for you with the Appalachian Region. I invite you to take a look at the region website and the points above and give it some thought. It really is your chance to get much more out of your PCA membership in making friends while helping plan and stage enjoyable events and activities for the membership. Please contact me, any of the officers or committee members if you have interest in getting involved.

I invite your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, questions and comments as related to how we can make the Appalachian Region better and better for the membership. Your support and participation are essential to the success of the region.

I look forward to seeing you at a future event.

Jim Peterson Jim Peterson, President
 Appalachian Region, Porsche Club of America