Greetings PCA members in WNC,

Here is a summary of some of the latest news and information which may be of interest to you:

  • MEMBERSHIP ‐ the Appalachian Region now has 162 primary members and 106 supplemental (family) members. This is up from less than 100 primary members in March of this year. Off to a great start! Beth Aldecoa has stepped forward to assume responsibilities as Membership Coordinator. Thanks again Beth!
  • EVENTS ‐ Steve Goodman has now joined Peter Graham and Scott Walker in helping plan and stage our monthly events and activities. Welcome to the party Steve! Peter has documented a great Waterfall Tour which took place on 6/6/15 - the writeup and photos are on the region website at Nice job Peter-Thank you. Scott Walker has planned our next monthly activity - A Drive & Dine on 7/11 (not the first Saturday of July due to a conflict with the 4th of July weekend) to Burntshirt Vineyards in Henderson County. See the region website for details. A separate email communication will be forthcoming with maps, directions, etc.
    FYI, as far as region events and activities go, we tend to plan a number of Drive & Dines at this time of the year due to the great weather and roads in WNC. That said, we have become aware of a need to schedule periodic informal social gatherings so members can mix and get better acquainted. Stay tuned for future announcements on this via email and the region website.
  • REGION LOGO ‐ At the 6/4 meeting, the Region Board approved the Appalachian Region logo design suite (see attached.) Scott Walker has done a super job in developing this most attractive logo with variations available for a variety of applications. Beth Aldecoa has agreed to work with Scott to refine the logo for use in various applications including garments/embroidery, etc. We will keep you posted as the logo evolves. Note: we are seeking a volunteer to assist with merchandise coordination (Goodie Store.) Please let me know if you are interested in helping out in this area. Thanks also to those who submitted logo designs for consideration. We appreciate your participation and efforts.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ‐ Thanks to Jason Howard for stepping up and volunteering as Social Media Coordinator for the region. Jason is developing a prototype for review and approval by the Board. Stay tuned for a future announcement. Jason's efforts tie in well with PCA which has recently appointed a Social Media Coordinator to work with the regions.
  • VOLUNTEERS ‐ In addition to Beth Aldecoa, Steve Goodman and Jason Howard, recent new volunteers include Carl Von Schummer (website) and George Baurenfeind (assist the Treasurer.) Thanks all for agreeing to pitch in! We are always interested in additional volunteers-see the region website for a listing of committees. FYI, at this time we are in particular need of volunteers in the areas of marketing and communications and merchandise coordination. Please let me or any Board or committee member know if you are interested in getting more involved with your club.
  • PEC/OPD ‐ The Porsche Experience Center at One Porsche Drive has recently opened in Atlanta near the airport. This $100 Million investment is Porsche's largest outside Germany and promises to offer enthusiasts a variety of experiences. PCA and our Zone 3 Representative Vic Rola have made inquiries with regard to visits of various groups, regions, etc. In addition, the Appalachian Region has also been in contact with Harmony Motors about scheduling a group visit. Long story short, Porsche and PCNA are still sorting things out. Groups that have visited report being charged a surprising entrance fee to tour. We will keep you posted and hope to learn more at the Zone 3 Region Presidents meeting on 8/1 which will be held at PEC/OPD. PCA advises that they expect once the dust settles PCNA will offer open slots to PCA at either a discount or maybe even free. Stay tuned for updates.
  • COMMUNICATION ‐ It is always a balancing act for the region between excessive messages to members per PCA news, events and activities and not enough information. For this reason we have developed a region website for your reference This website should be your "go to" place for news, information, coming events, schedules and calendars (Region and Zone,) links (e.g., PCA, Zone 3, Harmony Motors, etc.) The website also includes reference and historical information such as minutes of past Board meetings, Region By laws, listing of officers and committees and sample tours and directions.

We have made a conscious decision to avoid email bombardment of region members and ask that you consult the website first when you are seeking information on region news, reference, events and activities. Let me and/or the webmaster know if you are seeking PCA and region information that you cannot find directly or through links on the region website.
Finally, we will be introducing a region social media presence in the near future. Hopefully this will prove to be an additional source of news and information for members.
The Appalachian Region - PCA is growing and needs your participation and support to continue to grow and improve. I welcome your ideas and input on how we can better meet the needs of the membership.

I hope to see you at a future event.

Thank you.

Jim Peterson Jim Peterson, President
 Appalachian Region, Porsche Club of America