The Bedouin riders straggled into the oasis as single figures and in twos, hobbling their camels in whatever shade they could find. The day was early, but the sun was on a hasty upward course, portending insufferable heat as the day wore on. Many different colors adorned the mounts; guards red, night blue, silver, black and carmine among them.

A lorry lumbered past on Weaver Boulevard, instantly transporting the narrator to the Ingles staging area for the Hemlock Farm Tour. Man, I need to get Lawrence of Arabia out of my head! The parking lot was hot, but surely not as fierce as the Nafud!

Although separated by 75 minutes, Group 1 was still queuing up to depart as the second group of participants began arriving, grabbing the shaded parking spots that had been vacated moments before. Good cheer was abundant despite the heat, and the wait time to depart passed quickly. Soon enough the last group was entering the rolling hills north of town, passing a blend of farmland, forests and hills.

With light traffic the tour was easily able to stay together while maintaining an enjoyable pace. Feedback during the rest break and after reaching the farm was overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting on the great roads and superb scenery.

Once at Hemlock Farm, members’ smiles broadened perceptibly on their taking in the bucolic landscape. Bobby and Brenda Brewster enthusiastically welcomed the lot of us, as though we had completed a journey of many days to reach them. Lunch was ready and waiting for the crowd of hungry visitors, along with plenty of cold beverages. Nearby showers had dropped the temperature significantly, making the event very comfortable and pleasant. A rumble or two of thunder reminded us of our good fortune to be at our destination safely, having avoided wet roads but still able to enjoy the cooling effects of the passing rain.

Lunch led to a happy group, and Bobby amplified that mood many degrees by presenting his collection of impeccable cars. It might reasonably be called an art collection instead! A pair of 356’s could serve as the cornerstone of the collection, but it would have suffered had any of the cars been absent. From his 1968 911 (complete with roof rack, wooden Nordic skis and custom leather suitcases), to his 1961 Mercedes 190 SL, there wasn’t a blemish to be found. Bobby hinted at the Benz being a possible favorite as he often finds himself staring at its lines. But just as surely as every parent loves their children equally, Bobby and Brenda together conferred to acquire their collection as partners, and both dote on each part of the collection.  It is a collection worthy of quite a lot of doting!

Savoring the Brewsters’ hospitality for a second year felt like something of a guilty pleasure- counting myself fortunate to have been provided with a delicious lunch, in a stunning setting, followed by a viewing of some remarkable automobiles doesn’t begin to describe how welcome I was made to feel.

The icing on the cake was learning that through contributions made during registration and at the event the club was able to raise and donate $1,500 to Hinds’ Feet Farm.  $1,350 was raised with event registration and on-site donations and then one member generously donated $150 at the end of the event so we could contribute an even $1,500 to Hinds' Feet Farm at their upcoming Anniversaray Party.  Hinds' Feet Farm is  a charity dedicated to serving persons living with brain injury.

A thousand thanks to everyone for showing your appreciation & support, and another thousand to the Brewsters for their incredible generosity and hospitality.

Doug Menchhofer – Appalachian Region Tours Chair