The Appalachian Region Summer Picnic has become a staple on the calendar as proven by over 100 members and guests attending this annual event.

The June 2024 picnic returned to The Ramble in Biltmore Forest where the members’ Porsches are featured on the lawn for viewing while attendees enjoy their picnic lunch under the shaded Pavilion.  We need to thank Ramble residents Mark and Bunny Nowakowski for helping to make this venue available to Appalachian Region.

The day started with arrival at The Ramble with staging your car on the expansive green lawn.  Dave White and Charlie Hickey led the team to stage the over 50 cars arriving to display on the field.  The staging team included Bob Disney, Joe Esposito, Allen Peerson, and Yohan Sookdeo. 

The comment from one attendee was how colorful the array of Porsches was with every color imaginable from Porsche.  Particularly striking was the old and new blue twins that Kelly and Michael Branning each drove.  Porsche Parade Concours’ Winners Allen Peerson and Chip Perry brought their winning cars for display in the front row with the Porsche Asheville Viper Green Macan and a Panamera.

Carole and Gene Carter coordinated the day’s activities arranging for picnic lunches from Publix.  Don Zelm and Pat Quinn assisted Gene and Carole in preparation for their taking over the picnic in 2025.

The picnic committee tried something different this year; arranging the picnic at lunch hour and asking everyone to bring a camp chair.  This eliminates an over $2,000 expense for tent and table rental and the extensive set-up crew and time before and after the picnic.  The new set-up worked well as everyone figured out how to balance their picnic lunch on their lap.  The noon timing had the sun overhead providing shade under the pavilion for everyone.

Carole Carter brought her scavenger hunt back to the picnic creating a fun game encouraging people to wander the cars looking for the treasure clues in their quest of prizes.  Carole took a moment away from managing the picnic to introduce President Jim Moore to a “New Member, Ferdinand Caiman” who had the dual role of being a scavenger hunt treasure while enjoying the picnic.  The ten winners of Porsche memorabilia included Mike McClain, Don Zelm, Kathy Stumpf, Bill Holden, Don Zink, Ed Rayneri, Donna Kalmin, Doug Menchhofer, Barry Brown, Jody Harrison and Brian Woodward. 

The Saturday in June date had the potential to be a scorcher with temperatures knocking on 90°, but it was actually quite pleasant.  The new format, date and lunches gave a real picnic feel to the day.  Of course, many existing members were in attendance with new members sprinkled in.  

Thanks for joining us at the picnic and we hope to see everyone at next Saturday’s, July 30th AppCafé Porsches & Coffee at TGI Fridays in Biltmore Village.

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President





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