Luft Wasser (Air Water in German, linking to the Porsche history of air-cooled and water-cooled models) saw its second year on Broad Street in Brevard and it seems to have found a home since its move off Main Street in 2023.  Broad Street presents over a mile of Porsches lining the street. This year’s three special displays highlighted the seventh year of this event:  Air-Cooled Porsches, Transaxle Porsches and Track-focused Porsches.

Appalachian Region Charter Member and Web Master Dick Maybach captured the essence of the day perfectly: “This was the best one yet: perfect weather, interesting cars (including some rare ones), great organization, and good attendance from the Brevard folks. I saw a lot of Porsches parked on Main Street, so we had good drop-in participation too.”

With one last minute addition of an Appalachian Region Founding member and Luft Wasser first year contributor on Friday night, the final count was 206 Porsches registered with 353 PCA members in attendance.  As Dick mentioned, there were also many other Porsches parked throughout Brevard from Porsche enthusiasts visiting the show.  Counting local Brevard residents wandering the car lines, we easily doubled that number with over 750 enthusiasts experiencing Appalachian Region and the Porsche Club of America.

The cars and people are fun, but the real benefit is the contribution made to Brevard in the form of fundraising for The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County.  A final tally of the funds raised is not available yet, but every dollar contributed by PCA members will go to helping to develop youth today for their successful future within the community. The Appalachian Region Board meeting is on May 2, at which time a final tally will be identified with the Board vote on the final net proceeds awarded to our Charity Partner: The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County.

The day started early for everyone.  Tours were meeting at 7:30 a.m. while the first of the on-site volunteers were already in Brevard setting up.  The six tours from Asheville (151 and Blue Ridge), Hendersonville, Waynesville, Landrum, SC and Johnson City, TN were on the road by 8:00 a.m. and started to arrive in Brevard by 9:00 a.m.  The arrivals are tightly coordinated to bring the 141 Porsches driving in tours to the city along with the 65-Porsche parade into the display area at staggered times to smoothly stage the arrivals for maximum display.

Every Porsche is special, but this year we saw some extra special Porsches in attendance.  Chip Perry brought his beautiful 1958 Meissen Blue Porsche 356A Speedster down from Blowing Rock while Jimmy Martin brought a 911 imagined by Singer up from Greenville.  These two cars are rarely seen “in the wild” so we have to thank these owners for sharing them with us and driving them as they were intended by Ferry Porsche.

The other 30 air-cooled Porsches on display brought to life the “Luft” (air in German) of Luft Wasser. Multiple 356’s sprinkled the display among the full gamut of 911’s and 912’s from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Thank you to Nort Northam, Joe Esposito and Buck Buchanan for coordinating this display.

Walking further down Broad Street one came across Vendor Row where one could visit with Porsche Asheville and consider one of the exciting enthusiast vehicles on display including a unique 911T driver’s car and a striking Papaya Macan GTS.

Appalachian Region Sponsor and Porsche-Certified Collison Shop K&M was on hand along with our new Sponsor Prescott Auto Reserve and long-time partner Hagerty Insurance.

Nick McDevitt and his team at IR Auto shared the options of paint protection for member’s Porsches while our new vendor, The Finish Line saw owner Hugh Ruthven busily selling shoes, gloves shirts and hats as a new addition to the show.

The track-focused special car display was originally scheduled for seven cars but with each tour arriving more GT3’s and performance-focused Porsches kept arriving asking to be added to the display.  The original seven swelled to over a dozen with a jelly bean assortment of colors from green, red, blue and the “jelly bean favorite” of black.  Thank you to Ed and Donya Fowler for coordinating this display.

The Appalachian Region Hospitality Tent was on-site and active staffed by Linda Moore, Cindy Cain, Gale Dazzo and multiple Boys & Girls Club Board members and volunteers.  The hospitality tent always becomes a centerpoint for the show as everyone wants to stop in and say hi.  PCA 50-year member Joe Watson found a comfortable chair under the tent enjoying greeting members as they passed by.

As one walked the mile of Porsches to the south end of Broad Street, you found small enclaves of members holding their own private party among the cars, such as the group from the Waynesville who had other PCA friends stop by and visit while “hiking the mile”.  

The special Transaxle Porsche display anchored the south end of Broad Street.  The Transaxle cars include Porsche 924’s, 944’s, 928’s and 968’s.

As Porsche’s web site describe this range of cars: “The term “transaxle” is a combination of “transmission” and “axle.” The engine transmits power to the rear axle via a driveshaft housed in a rigid cover pipe. In an age when drive systems did not have the benefit of electronic assistance, this principle was an innovative concept for a sports car. It ensured neutral and very stable handling qualities.”

Luft Wasser saw one of the largest gatherings of Transaxle cars together in one spot outside of the special 944 or 928 events.  Thanks to Kevin Duffy and Chuck Russo for coordinating this special display.

The final piece that Dick Maybach mentioned in his summary of the event was the great organization, and that couldn’t happen without all the volunteers from the Appalachian Region and neighboring regions.  This event saw over 50 volunteers contributing their time and energy to making the Seventh Annual Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration in Brevard a rousing success.  (See the list of volunteers below.)

Enjoy this gallery of photos of the day from Dick Maybach.

  • PMK32732.jpg
  • PMK32734.jpg
  • PMK32739.jpg
  • PMK32744.jpg
  • PMK32748.jpg
  • PMK32749.jpg
  • PMK32750.jpg
  • PMK32751.jpg
  • PMK32752.jpg
  • PMK32753.jpg
  • PMK32754.jpg
  • PMK32756.jpg
  • PMK32757.jpg
  • PMK32758.jpg
  • PMK32759.jpg
  • PMK32760.jpg
  • PMK32761.jpg
  • PMK32763.jpg
  • PMK32764.jpg
  • PMK32765.jpg
  • PMK32766.jpg
  • PMK32769.jpg
  • PMK32770.jpg
  • PMK32771.jpg
  • PMK32774.jpg
  • PMK32775.jpg
  • PMK32776.jpg
  • PMK32778.jpg
  • PMK32779.jpg
  • PMK32780.jpg

Thank you to everyone who helps to make the Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration in Brevard to deliver on the Appalachian Region mission of “Having fun with Porsches.”


  • Jim Moore - Chair
  • Dave White
  • Mike McLain

Staging Team

  • Dave White - Lead
  • Charlie Hickey - Lead
  • Buck Buchanan
  • George Cain
  • Jay Carlisle
  • Carole Carter
  • Gene Carter
  • Joe Esposito
  • John Goetzman
  • Karl Lail
  • Dan Leitner
  • Dick Maybach
  • North Norham
  • Chris Onulak
  • Carl von Schummer
  • Rick Steele

Asheville 151 Tour

  • Don Therien - Lead
  • Bob Disney
  • Larry Koupal
  • Don Zelm

Asheville Blue Ridge Parkway Tour

  • Jim Davis - Lead 
  • Nicole Davis
  • Phil Leftwich         
  • Gordon Taylor
  • Doug Scheer
  • Liz Scheer

Hendersonville Tour

  • Dan Dazzo – Lead
  • Gale Dazzo
  • Charlie Giudici
  • Jane Giudici

Southern Tour

  • Don Lowcavage – Lead
  • Susan Lowcavage
  • Scott Pleune
  • Gay Pleune

Waynesville Tour

  • Bill Price – Lead
  • Norma Price
  • Doug Menchhofer
  • Isabel Menchhofer

Wilderness Trail  Tour           

  • Leo Nascimento – Lead

School Registration and Parade Staging

  • Yohan Sookdeo – Lead
  • Amy Feightner
  • Mark Feightner
  • Mike McLain
  • Mary Lou Miller
  • Tom Paligraf
  • Jim Symington


  • Linda Moore – Lead
  • Cindy Cain – Lead
  • Gale Dazzo
  • Joe Watson

Air-Cooled Car Display

  • Buck Buchanan
  • Joe Esposito
  • Nort Northam

Track-Focused Porsche Display

  • Donya Fowler
  • Ed Fowler

Transaxle Porsche Display

  • Kevin Duffy
  • Chuck Russo


  • Jim Symington – Treasury
  • Dick Maybach – Web Site
  • Jim Moore – Registration

Appalachian Region Board of Directors

  • Jim Moore – President
  • Yohan Sookdeo – Vice President
  • Dave White – Secretary
  • Jim Symington – Treasurer
  • Don Therien – Past President


  • Nicole Davis
  • Spencer Gates
  • Keith Lord
  • Dick Maybach
  • Jim Moore
  • Rusty Russ

My apologies if I missed anyone.

See you in 2025 in Brevard for the 8th Annual Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration!

Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President