The final round of the Winter SIM Championship came to a conclusion today with a three-race series at Road Atlanta.  The 11 drivers were in Porsche GT3 R’s.  Racing action occurred at Appalachian Region Sponsor’s facility, The Track at Asheville.

Three of the regular drivers were not able to participate so we saw Robert Bruker driving for Jim Moore and David Wells for Don Therien.  A substitute for Tom Paligraf was not available.

Since the Reporter was not at the actual races, this report will just show the finishing order of Round 3 of the Championship held on Saturday, February 10, 2024, and the overall Championship Finishing Order.

Race 1 Results – Road Atlanta

        Race 1 YouTube Race Replay:

Race 1 Finishing Order

  1. Kirk Fleeman
  2. Sean McDonald
  3. Greg Carder
  4. Scott Rowbotham
  5. Dan Dazzo
  6. Mark Greene
  7. Tad Dixon
  8. Don Therien (David Wells)
  9. David Butler
  10. Jim Moore (Robert Bruker)
  11. James Wiggins

Race 2 Results – Road Atlanta

         Grid for Race 2 was the reverse of the finishing order for Race 1



Race 2 YouTube Race Replay:


Race 2 Finishing Order

  1. Sean McDonald
  2. Greg Carder
  3. Tad Dixon
  4. Don Therien (David Wells)
  5. Scott Rowbotham
  6. Kirk Fleeman
  7. David Butler
  8. Dan Dazzo
  9. Jim Moore (Robert Bruker)
  10. James Wiggins
  11. Mark Greene

Race 3 Results – Road Atlanta

 Grid for Race 3 was the reverse of the finishing order for Race 2

SIM Start Race3

         Race 3 YouTube Race Replay:

Race 3 Finishing Order

  1. Kirk Fleeman
  2. Sean McDonald
  3. Scott Rowbotham
  4. Greg Carder
  5. Mark Greene
  6. Dan Dazzo
  7. Jim Moore (Robert Bruker)
  8. Tad Dixon
  9. David Butler
  10. James Wiggins
  11. Don Therien (David Wells)

Congratulations to SIM Chair and the 2024 SIM Champion, Kirk Fleeman and to the podium finishers, Sean McDonald and Dan Dazzo.  In the end, everyone seemed to have fun no matter where they finished.

Left to Right:  2nd Place Sean McDonald, 1st Place Kirk Fleeman, Track Chair David Wells and 3rd Place Dan Dazzo

Championship Results

  1. Kirk Fleeman
  2. Sean McDonald (and Ian Zepp who raced Race 1)
  3. Dan Dazzo
  4. Scott Rowbotham
  5. Greg Carder
  6. Tad Dixon
  7. David Butler
  8. Jim Moore (and Robert Bruker who raced Race 3)
  9. James Wiggins
  10. Don Therien (and David Wells who raced Race 3)
  11. Mark Greene
  12. Tom Paligraf


Thanks to everyone for participating and to The Track at Asheville for sponsorship of the Appalachian Region

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Jim Moore – Appalachian Region :President