Round two of the Appalachian Region Winter SIM Championship saw the drivers racing at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in Porsche GT3-R.  It was decided to offer Sim-Assist to the cars to make the driving a little easier on the challenging VIR track.

Tom Paligraf on a regular SIM rig from an early practice session.


Previous year podium championship finisher Sean McDonald was back in the car shared with Ian Zepp.  Sean was right at-speed again challenging this year’s SIM Chair and Championship leader Kirk Fleeman.  Scott Rowbotham, Greg Carder and Tad Dixon were nipping at their heels.

As President Jim Moore quickly found out, being fast in practice is a different game from the race-craft required during the races.  Being punted off by others and sloppy passing proved detrimental in the actual races.

Driver's meeting prior to the start of the races.

Race one saw the fast drivers in practice finish high in the order with Race 1 finishing results seeing Kirk win the race, Sean finish second and Scott Rowbotham finish third.

Race two has the grid in reverse order from the first race finishind order. Sean wound his way up from the back with Greg Carder second and Kirk rounding out the podium in third.

 Race three again lines the grid up in reverse order from race two.  Kirk won the race, Scott took second and Sean took third place.

The finishing order of VIR after combining the results of all three races had Kirk winning the day, Sean finishing second and Greg Carder taking third through his consistency for the day.

The overall championship after the second round at VIR is:

Position-Name              Points

  1. Kirk Fleeman.             70 
  2. Dan Dazzo.                48
  3. Sean McDonald.        48  (combining Zepp round 1 and McDonald round 2)
  4. Scott Rowbotham.     44
  5. Tad Dixon.                  43
  6. Greg Carder.               41
  7. David Butler.               29
  8. James Wiggins.          27
  9. Jim Moore.                 26
  10. Tom Paligraf.              23
  11. Don Therien.              22
  12. Mark Greene.             19

The next and final race of the Championship is Saturday, February 10, 2024 at Road Atlanta.




 Jim Moore – Appalachian Region President