At the Holiday Party we announced that Dan Dazzo was being recognized as the Appalachian Region Enthusiast of the Year.  The Region also submitted Dan to PCA as the National Enthusiast of the Year.

Unlike modern Porsche engines, classic Air-Cooled Porsche engines can be easily removed for repairs as demonstrated here by Appalachian PCA member, Charlie Hickey. Charlie identified an oil cooler leak in his 1972 Porsche 911T Targa and the only way to make the repair is to remove the engine.

Race 1 of the Appalachian Region Winter Sim League held at club sponsor The Track at Asheville, started like 2022 finished with Michael Delaguardia leading the Championship, Sean McDonald in 2ndand David Wells in 3rd.  Tad Dixon, driving as a reserve for Tim Gallagher was new to the series this year and is currently holding down fourth place in the championship.

A summary of our recent and upcoming events.

As many of you have realized, we here at encourage our front engine/transaxle friends to join the Porsche Club of America. We have been members since 1998, making this our 25th year of PCA membership. But this month we decided to do something different – join up with PCA again.

Moving our meetings to the second Tuesday of each month appears to have been a good idea. Fifteen Appalachian members attended our first one in 2023.

The January 7, 2023 Tech session introduced Appalachian Region members to the underside of the 718 platform with Dan Dazzo’s Racer Yellow GT4 up on a lift.  Over 30 members came out for this first-of-the-year gathering for Appalachian Region.

A summary of our recent and upcoming events.

Chip Perry, who hosted Appalachian Region twice at his amazing Car Barn during Appalachian Adventure ’21 and ’22 that made the events so special, was recognized with an Honorary Charter Membership of Appalachian Region of the Porsche Club of America (PCA).

And unless there is a last-minute  pop-up event (not unlikely for the Region), it was also the last Region activity for the year.

 A summary of our recent and upcoming events.

2022 was the first full year for these monthly events, which began in November 2021.

The Appalachian Region of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) held its Members’ Annual Meeting for 2022 on Saturday, December 10, 2022 at the Weaver Community Center.

The Appalachian Region 2022 Holiday Party raised over $5,000 for charity partner Helpmate that helps to prevent domestic violence with shelter for women and their children when they are leaving abusive home situations.

A summary of our recent and upcoming events.

Porsche aficionados have been waiting for a mid-engine Cayman to be available with the power of a 911 engine, and it is now available in the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS. The RS features the same engine as the Porsche GT3, but with eight less horsepower.

PCA eclipsed the 100,000 primary members mark on November 15 and Zone 3 matched our 2021 6.5% record net growth additions in October too. With two months left it will be another record growth year for the Zone!

The Turkey Trot was a “spur of the moment” drive planned just a week ago, but drivers enthusiastically cheered at lunch for making this an annual event. President Jim planned it last minute because his kids weren’t in town, so the thought was, “what could be done with one of my Porsches to enjoy the holiday.”

Thirteen drivers from the Appalachian Region drove the season-ending High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) hosted by the Carolina’s Region.

A summary of our recent and upcoming events.

The November Breakfast Ramble took members back to a favorite spot – Pig & Grits in Burnsville.

We held our November Mixer at Burial Beer's Forestry Camp, which boasts a full kitchen and a taproom that also has wine and mixed drinks.

As the weather cools, we move inside from the Monte Vista patio, but we continue to meet for coffee and pastry at 9:00 am. on the second Wednesday of each month.

As the weather turns in the mountains, we move the first Saturday events to Tech Sessions where we can be indoors while not having to guess the weather and whether we can navigate the mountain roads. A rainy morning on Saturday, November 5, 2022 reminded the 34 Appalachian Region members who came to HPTautosports in Arden why we talk tech this time of the year.

A summary of our recent and upcoming activities

Still lots to do in the Zone even though the Checkered Flag is in sight for 2022.