The following is terse; for more complete information on navigating our site see our Website Tutorial.

As you navigate this Website, your browser will display two types of objects: most are Web pages, such as the one you are viewing now, but a few are documents, such as minutes and the map of our region.

Every Web page, including this one, has the same navigation menu bar, located just under our logo. It contains the following tabs, and clicking on one will take you to the associated item. The News and Admin items have drop-down menus that give you one-click access to auxialary information, such as the archives of older news. If you find drop-down menus inconvenient, you can access the same material from links at the bottoms of the main pages.

  • Home – Our default page, intended to introduce visitors and new members to the region.
  • Member – Active members may prefer to make this page a favorite, as it has more information than Home, making it faster to find the details
  • News – All the current news items as well as an archive of past ones. (The current items also appear on the home page.) When you place the cursor on this tab, a list will drop down with items such as "2016 News Archive." If you know the article you want is in one of these, select it before you click to go directly there.
  • Calendar – A calendar of our own Region's events and other car-related ones taking place nearby - On monthly calendars, the events are color-coded, and a legend appears at the bottom. When you place the cursor on this, you will see a link to a list of the next 20 events and another link to a list of short descriptions of all scheduled events.
  • About Us – An introduction to the Appalachian Region
  • Tours – Driving directions for tours that the Region has made
  • Track – Information about the region's autocross and driver's education activities.
  • Market – Ads for Porsche-related items by PCA members
  • Officers – Those people who direct the Region's activities
  • Admin – The official documents of the Region, such our bylaws and meeting minutes
  • Sponsors – A list of our sponsors and the services they offer our memgers.
  • Public Service – A summary of the Region's charitable activities.
  • Store – A link to the Region's goodie store.
  • Help – This page
  • Site Map – An annotated veersion of the menu bar. Cellphone users may find it convenient, as drop-down menus are awkward on these devices.
  • Related – Links to related automotive websites.

There is a search box at the upper right of every page. Enter a word or phrase here, and press the <Enter> key to see a list of pages that contain that word or phrase. Unfortunately, you must be on an events page to search the events calendar. Most pages have a gear icon near the top right. Selecting this gives you the option of printing or e-mailing the page. (For events, this is replaced by a printer icon that prints the event announcement.)

Just under the menu at the top of each page is the path from the home page to the current one. For example, the one on this page shows that you are reading the article Help, which is directly under Home. You can return to any point in the path by clicking the desired page name.

At the bottom of most pages are boxes labelled Prev and Next that you can use to page sequentially through related articles. For example, to look at several news items. When you move to a new page on our site, the previous page will close, but these navigation aids will help you retrace your path.

If you jump to Website different from the Appalachian Region's, your browser will open a new window or a new tab (depending on your browser settings). This allows you to return to our own site any time, whether or not you leave the new one.

Documents (such as minutes) are different from Web pages. If you go to one of these, you won't see any navigation aids, but like going to a different site, your browser will open a new tab or window, so you can easily return to the previous page, whether or not you close the document.

Throughout out our site, you will see text in blue. Clicking on this will take you to a new site or to a new page. Usually, if the blue text is a URL, such as, you will go to a new site, but there are exceptions. You will also see e-mail addresses in blue. If you access your e-mail with a client program (such as MS Outlook), clicking on a blue e-mail address will open your client with a pre-addressed message. If you access your e-mail from a Website using your browser, you will have to initiate a message yourself and paste the address into it. When you move the cursor over a link, either text or an icon, it changes from an arrow to a hand with a pointing finger.

We to put the most important information on our main page, in particular, our schedule of coming events and brief summaries of the current news items, usually with links to more information. This page is kept simple so that it can be viewed quickly using a smart phone. Towards its top you will see two icons, those of Porsche Asheville, our platinum sponsor, and our charity sponsors, and these are links to the respective organizations. On the left are summaries of the latest news items, and in the center are announcements and coming events. Below the events is the blue text, Go to the Zone 3 Calendar, which opens the calendar on the Zone 3 Website. Finally, at the bottom of the page you will see five icons, those of PCA, PCA Zone 3, Porsche North America, Harmony Motors, and North Carolina Car Shows; clicking on one will take you to that organization's Web site.

If you have questions about or comments on our Website, please send them to