Driving Porsches on the Track

Appalachian Region Track drivers are attending a "Hooked on Driving" High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) event at Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP).  This is not a PCA HPDE event but one that Appalachian Region drivers are attending.

Details about the September 17 & 18 event are available at:  https://shop.hookedondriving.com/hooked-on-driving-region/Southeast-Region

Similar to a PCA HPDE there will be coaches for Novice Drivers.  If it is your first time driving an HPDE the format is that you will have a coach in your passenger seat guiding you around the track to help you learn the line, braking points, corner apexes and all the specifics of safely driving at speed on a controlled environment track situation.

Passing is only allowed by the driver being passed "pointing by" the faster driver overtaking them.  

Applachian Region currently has eight drivers attending this event. Three of them will be driving in the Novice Class so if you are thinking about trying a "track day" this might be one to consider.  You won't be alone trying it for the first time and CMP is a very good track for your first experience at HPDE.

If you would like more details with specifics for the weekend such as what it will cost, what you'll need and how you sign up, contact President Jim Moore.

Driving an HPDE provides a fun, safe environment to learn about the performance capabilitis of your Porsche and to improve your driving skills.  The techniques learned in the weekend are sure to help with your street and mountain driving.

Event Properties

Event Date 09-17-2022
Event End Date 09-18-2022
Capacity Unlimited