The Appalachian Region – Porsche Club of America was chartered in 2015 and has since grown to over 400 members. We have an active program and welcome visitors at almost all our activities. You can learn more about the region at the Website's About Us page. (Selecting an image will take to the article in which it appeared.)

We have no newsletter, but rely on our Website to communicate with our members; however, it is not restricted to members but is open to all. The home page shows the activities scheduled for the next two weeks or so and has links to articles on our recent activities, as well as to related sites. In particular, the Events page shows a detailed calendar. Use the menu bar at the top of most pages to move around the site, and see the Help page for more information. While the Website provides communication from the Region to its members, our Facebook site, facilitates member-to-member communication. It’s open to all PCA members, regardless of their region; for instructions on how to register for it, go here.

Most of our regular meetings occur in the mornings of the first Saturday of the month, and these are open to all, Region members, PCA members from other regions, Porsche owners, and anyone interested in the marque. During winter months these are often Tech Sessions, featuring presentations of automotive design or maintenance by Region members or outside speakers.

This area is blessed with wonderful driving roads , and we take advantage of these with drive and dines and rambles in the spring, summer, and fall. Drive and dines are guided tours, with a lead and sweep car, with a lunch stop at an interesting restaurant. These usually require registration, as the group often exceeds 30 people, and we have to coordinate with the restaurants. Registration instructions will appear on the event announcement if they are needed. Rambles are similar, except that the tours aren’t guided; you’ll find your own route, but these also require registration.

We run Breakfast Rambles on the fourth Saturday of many months. You find your own route to a restaurant for breakfast. We usually require registration for these so that the restaurants will be able to seat us.

Craft brewing is thriving in our area, which sports many breweries and pubs, often with food available. Usually on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:00 to 7:00 we hold a Social Mixer at one of these. Reservations are never needed, just show up and look for folks sporting white Appalachian name badges. There is no program and no fixed starting or ending time, you can arrive and leave whenever it’s convenient. The attendance varies widely; the lowest has been three and the highest, 40.

Although we run none of our own, we do organize several trips each year to Track Events, usually high-speed drivers education and autocross. Usually these are PCA events and some limit participation to PCA members, although anyone can watch. For more information see our Track page, or contact our Track Chair.

From 1:00 to 3:00 pm. on the first Tuesday of each month a group of Appalachian Region volunteers meet to work at our chariity partner Manna Foodbank on Swannanoa River Road. If you’d like to help please contact David Butler.

Each year we organize several special events.

  • Luft Wasser takes place in April and is a shine-and-show Porsche concours in downtown Brevard, NC. Here too we require registration, because the large number of cars (over 100) means detailed coordination with the town.

  • We hold a New-member Picnic Social in June or July, with a shine-and-show concours on the lawn. The Region supplies the main course, with the participants bringing side dishes and their drinks. Again registration is required so that we can coordinate the potluck aspect.

    Each fall we hold Appalachian Adventure, a multiple event weekend at a scenic destination with a people’s-choice concours, a rally, tours, a technical/historical quiz, and several meals. We encourage PCA members from nearby regions to attend, so this gives us an opportunity to meet our neighbors. This event requires registration with advance payment and of course making hotel reservations.

  • In the late fall, we hold an Oktoberfest charity celebration. This features tours, games, and of course German food and drink.

  • In December is our Holiday Gathering, a charity event sponsored jointly by the Appalachian Region and Porsche Asheville, where both PCA members and prospective Porsche owners can enjoy and evening of food, drink, and good conversation. We require registration so that we have the right quantities of food and drink. The contributions are voluntary.

Porsche Asheville is our platinum sponsor, and the Region enjoys its enthusiastic support. Whether you are looking for a new or used Porsche or need service or parts for an old one, you should consider this outstanding dealer’s helpful and competent sales, service, and parts departments.


Our board meetings are open to Appalachian members and take place most months on the Thursday before the first Saturday of the month, when our regular meetings occur.

If you need Appalachian Region, PCA or Porsche apparel or accessories (such as name badges) check our Goodie Store.

Finally, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the Appalachian Region officers, whose e-mail addresses appear on the Officers page, .