Appalachian RegionAPR Facebook PageThe members of the Appalachian Region are Porsche enthusiasts in the Western North Carolina area. For a brief summary of who we are see About Us, and please contact one of our officers if you have questions. Please look through our New Member and Visitor Guide for a summary of what we do. We have an active Facebook page – but you must be registered to access it; see How to join the Appalachian Region Facebook Group.

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Porsche Club of AmericaIf you currently own or lease a Porsche, please consider joining the Porsche Club of America. Details are available here. If you are considering purchasing a Porsche, you may want to consider subscribing to PCA Test Drive.

APR Member PageActive Appalachian members may prefer our Member page, as it summarizes all our current activities. For help in navigating our site, please see our Site Map or our Help page.

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Deja vu – the Appalachian Region was chartered in 2015, and to commorate our short history we rerun old stories in this space. On August 12-14, 2016, the Appalachian Region held its first annual Appalachian Adventure at the Fontana Village Resort in far-western North Carolina, eight miles from the (in)famous ‘Tail of the Dragon’, three miles from the Fontana Dam. You can explore more Appalachian Region history in the News Archives, accessible from the right-hand sidebar of the News page on this website.