When the three-year old Appalachian Region started planning the new Luft Wasser event to bring the air-cooled owners and water-cooled owners together in a Porsche Celebration the goal was 30 Porsches.

On event day, May 5, 2018 the region had over 100 air-cooled (luft) and water-cooled (wasser) cars descended upon Brevard, North Carolina after tours originating in Asheville, Greenville, SC, Hendersonville, NC, Hickory, NC and Waynesville, NC. Porsche drivers also found their own way to Brevard.

Luft Wasser

Participants were from six states and nine regions. Porsches included several air-cooled 356’s and 911’s up to a water-cooled GT3 RS, 911’s, Caymans, Boxsters and Macans.

Regions with representation included Appalachian, Carolinas-Upstate, Hickory and Metrolina, Smoky Mountain, Three Rivers, Hurricane, Peachstate and Chicago.

From the common meeting point in Brevard, the local Police led a 100+ Porsche parade down Main Street to the display area on a cordoned-off section of Main Street. What a sight for spectators to see this never-ending line-up of Porsches down Main Street.

A quick parking of the Porsches gave everyone a chance to view the cars, talk Porsches and enjoy the city of Brevard.

Host restaurant Marco’s Trattoria reserved the entire restaurant for Porsche drivers. It was open seating so it gave a chance to sit with a Porsche owner you don’t know from another region. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new introductions and discussions the format provided.

By 2:00 pm cars and their drivers were disappearing off into the Blue Ridge Mountains on their way home.

Once City Officials saw 100 Porsches on their Main Street and owners shopping and eating in downtown, they started the discussion with Region Officials about expanding the Main Street display area.

As one participant said: “Congratulations on a 5-Star event. Sign me up for next year.” Appalachian Region will. See you in Brevard!

Jim MooreJim Moore
Appalachian Region Events Chair




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Photos by Joshua Lloyd, Jim Moore, and Dick Maybach.

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