Luft WasserBased on the success of the inaugural 2018 Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration, Brevard City Officials have provided a new high profile display area in the Heart of Brevard for the 2019 Luft Wasser Porsche Celebration.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm as we are almost through our first month of 2019! We have a host of near-term events that represent a broad range of interests:

Joey'sOriginally, we had planned to hold breakfast rambles only in good weather months, but we decided that February weather was "good enough."

The Appalachian Region – PCA uses two mass communication media, its Website and its Facebook page, and both encourage contributions.

February SocialWe retured this month to the Wedge Foundation.

OhlinsThe New Year started off with a tech session in Hendersonville to visit Öhlin’s Suspension Technologies.

We have a couple of AR events this week, each worth a reminder:

Happy New Year Zone 3 Members from your new Zone Rep Rod Johnson.

The Appalachian Region of PCA is hosting its third annual Appalachian Adventure featuring the best driving roads in America at a world-class resort.

...last AR-PCA email for 2018? Let's look forward to near-term 2019 AR events:

Attending the Rolex 24 in Daytona Beach is a great experience every year, and this year the racing was exciting in spite of the weather.

GatheringDespite a heavy snowfall just two days before, this year's Celebration was a big success with nearly 100 folks attending.

BMWAs odd as it sounds, 19 members of the Appalachian Region Porsche Club spent the morning of February 2 at the BMW Performance Center. Through contacts that member Lee Geronime had, we were able to connect with Lead Driving instructor Derek Leonard for a super-duper day with BMW’s.

I hope everyone is doing well during this bit of inclement weather. The weather is not going to affect our Christmas/Holiday Gathering which will go on as planned tomorrow at Porsche Asheville from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Did you attend Luft, Wasser and Brevard last year? Are you planning to go and haven't registered yet? This year's event was slated for 165 cars; 145 are already signed up. If you haven't done so and would like to participate, please register today: Luft, Wasser and Brevard 2019.

Manna FoodbankMANNA FoodBank is a private, not-for-profit service organization that links the food industry with over 220 partner agencies in 16 counties of WNC, the same foot print as the Appalachian Region.